MFGDAY 2014 at ACE Clearwater

On October 3, 2014, 275 local students and their teachers came to Compton California. Here, they discovered first hand – some for the very first time, the creative science and new technologies at work inside an aerospace manufacturer. Ace Clearwater was proud to be their host. Many of our vendors returned, and with our staff demonstrated an even larger array of software, computer-driven machines and technologies, which help Ace be more efficient and precise.

LEAP hands-free computer controls, welding simulators, 3D printing, hydro-forming sheet steel, laser cutting, and many of the processes behind the art of manufacturing were on display with specialists at each “workstation” describing the importance of each. The event was followed by a sit-down lunch under tents in our parking lot, served by 4 gourmet food trucks this time. Sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers, the event brought a renewed sense of pride for our team in the work that they do! For information about how you can participate in your area, go to