ACE Hosts MFGDAY, October 2019

This year ACE hosted its seventh Manufacturing Day Event with students and their teachers from Paramount High School and local Torrance High Schools. Student were given a tour of the ACE Paramount and Torrance Facilities and were presented with the processes of some projects. They made their start at Paramount where the President of ACE, Kellie Johnson welcomed students and shared her unique, personal perspective about challenges and advantages of pursuing a career in manufacturing.

Students enjoyed the plant tour and visited different departments such as the die yard, fit, trim, deburr, and the drop hammer shop where they had the opportunity to operate one. At Torrance they continued the tour and got to see the different technology ACE uses for manufacturing, they were introduced to the FARO arm a reverse engineering and 3D modeling software, the CNC machines, welding demonstrations, their 3D printing lab, along with quality engineering, and the final inspection departments. This year students were able to see ACE’s new Waterjet machine in action, they were intrigued with the power it has and the types of metal that it can cut. The students also had a chance to test their welding skills using virtual technology, and the results were astonishing to the ACE Team. ACE was fortunate to have guest speaker Tai Sunnanon from the U.S. Air Force and Jodian Tomlinson from the U.S. Navy to talk about their experience serving and the importance of ACE’s high technology aerospace and aircraft parts for our U.S. Armed Services.