Our culture is one of camaraderie. Half our employees have been here more than 10 years, collaborating together to make Ace one of the largest operations of its kind in Southern California. But size isn’t our strength. It’s quality. It’s delivery. It’s satisfying our customers 100% of the time. Our team works seamlessly together in a chain of activities from raw material traceability to production management through precision testing and final inspection. It’s more than having skills… our customers, some of the largest in the country, require our knowledge, experience and talent to create parts and assemblies that meet extreme industry standards.

ACE offers competitive compensation, a well-rounded health insurance plan, and retirement savings options. Our shop floors are clean, our facilities organized and efficient. But it’s more about our people. Good people with great talents and strong ties. Apply for one of our positions and come in to meet us. We’re always seeking new talents like yours to continue to build our ability to meet our customers’ growing needs.