Vital to our process is the continuous refreshing of the surface of parts, while in the process of being made. Every metal has some kind of oxidization process, and dust – ambient in any environment – or residue lubricants from our CNC milling blades – all can contaminate the surface making welds porous or faulty.


ACE’s clean line was upgraded in 2005 to be a closed-loop organic system. No dangerous or toxic chemicals are used. After each work station activity, the parts travel to our clean line to be prepped for the following production step.



In-process Inspections are also key to our production success. Inspections between work centers are scheduled and our inspectors use certified gages and measurement tools to insure each part is perfect.



In 2014, we acquired a Laser Measurement FARO Arm which captures surface dimensions to 1/1000th of an inch at the phenomenal rate of 52,000 measures per second.