ACE Employee of the Month for January.

Sometimes the most modest guy in the shop is also the very best guy in the shop. Jesus Rodriguez is one of those… he’s a very down-to-earth human being, never drawing attention to himself or taking credit for something well done. But he works hard to achieve perfection and is the first to help anyone perform any task, no matter how hard or how long it takes. Jesus has even worked the second shift when the volume of work required it, as well as coming in on Saturdays to help out in the Pattern shop. He has become an important key member of our Kona Team by applying himself and learning to operate our laser cutting machine. Always motivated and excellent team player, Jesus’s caring, determination and amazing ethic really shine, no matter how hard he shies away from the spotlight. Our sincere thanks go out to you, Jesus. You’re an amazing example of the kind of person who make ACE great!