Congratulations Go Out to Stephen Bartlett,

ACE Employee of the Month for March!

Our Nadcap Welding Audit concluded with some very spectacular results. Stephen, our Welding Engineer, prepared his department, organized our documentation/procedures, and then hosted our Nadcap auditor Alex Elinson during his three-day audit.

During our post-inspection review meeting, Alex shared these thoughts: He truly appreciated how efficient Stephen was. All records that were requested were retrieved in seconds. Alex said he had never seen this before and was amazed.

· He was amazed by how clean our facility was.
· He told us how much he enjoyed Stephen’s professionalism.

AND, with only 1 minor finding, we are on track to be awarded a full 2-year merit certificate! Our hats are off to you, Stephen, for an all-out effort that successfully presented all the things ACE does to make our weld team the best in the business.