Ace pulled out all the stops for a huge MFGDAY 2016 Event. Sixteen buses from area schools shuttled 650+ students and teachers to our Compton facility. “Kona” was decked-out like a super expo with videos of various processes, a super-sized wall video featuring a walk through of our other three facilities, 20 workstations with state-of-the-art demonstrations of the very latest in manufacturing technologies, and an even more comprehensive raw-material-to-manufactured-part presentation overall.

A special STEP Ahead booth presented the NAM Outstanding Women in Manufacturing awards, two welding simulator stations gave students a first-hand experience on Lincoln Electric’s specialized training equipment, the process of Non-destructive Testing with fluorescent dies was shown, and a 4” round steel “blank”, a flat disk was given each student which they exchanged at the drop hammer booth for a stamped disk featuring the Ace logo in relief while they learned our metal-forming process. FARO precision laser scanning equipment scanned hands and faces, which appeared on-screen in real time in 3D, and our new STEM battery power balancers showed our guests new sustainable technologies for the manufacturing factory.

We were joined this year by Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), who flew in all the way from Washington DC to participate in our event. It was a tour de force, which energized our 35 employees with enthusiasm, pride and the joy of watching all the discovery. For information about how you can join the national celebration, go to