Case Study: ITSI Massive, High-Heat Resistant Turbine Duct

A First-Run Success Story

Efficient Production and Improved Manufacturability.


  • Original ducts cast in sections and were brittle.
  • 3D printing enabled thorough engineering collaboration.
  • Drop hammer formed Inconel sections greatly improved strength.
  • Probe guide rings feature dozens of laser-cut tabs, each welded for superior strength.
  • Milled flanges and precision inlet rings improved seals.
  • Simplified tooling made assembly and welding more efficient processes.
  • Multiple ACE in-house capabilities sped manufacturing process.

ITSI came to ACE with a South American customer’s issue. Their power generation turbines had pressurized, super-heated gas ducts which were aging too rapidly and costing both replacement costs plus installation downtime costs. ACE engineers worked with ITSI using our GE Power high-pressure heated gas duct knowledge base to evolve the duct design into a new breed which would stand the test of heat, pressure and time.