Case Study: SIKORSKY UH-60 Equipment Shield

We're proud to be partners with Sikorsky since 1978.

Body Panels and Shielding Keep Crew and Systems Protected.


  • Drop Hammer formed
  • High-grade Aluminum
  • 5-Axis Laser Trimmed
  • Precision Rivet Placement to 1/1000th of an Inch

The Sikorsky Black Hawk is the primary medium-lift helicopter for the U.S. Army. They perform a wide range of missions that encompass Air Assault, MEDEVAC, CSAR, Command and Control, and VIP transport. The newest version of the Army’s premier combat utility helicopter, the UH-60M, ensures compatibility with the U.S. Army’s Future Force. ACE is proud to manufacture several body panels, stiffeners and equipment covers for these hard-fighting military vehicles.


These formed covers protect vital equipment and instruments. They are shaped on our drop hammers to a precise thickness and shape, trimmed, assembled and finished – all at one facility.