Employees of the Month

  1. May

    Ramon Hernandez

    May Employee of the Month

    Roman consistently demonstrates outstanding dedication and proficiency, serving as the go-to person for tackling challenging tasks with precision and detail. Ramon is a valued asset to the ACE team.

  2. April


    April Employee of the Month Jeanett’s dedication to aligning priorities, ensuring completion of urgent action items, and providing constant updates has been exemplary. Jeanett’s proactive approach and attention to detail…

  3. March


    The March Employee of the Month is Mayra. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mayra for her outstanding dedication and hard work in supporting different departments. Mayra’s willingness…

  4. February

    Armando Rosas

    February Employee of the Month Armando is great at what he does. He makes magic happen with his skill. Whether it is extending a part or removing oil canning; Armando…

  5. January

    Nancy U.

    The January Employee of the Month is Nancy. She is a dedicated and invaluable team member, consistently demonstrating exceptional commitment by stepping up and providing unwavering support whenever needed. Her…

  6. December

    Jose Duarte

    December Employee of the Month Jose Duarte is our Foundry operator that always has a smile on his face. He has a great attitude and always goes above and beyond…

  7. Carlos Montes


    Carlos Montes

    November Employee of the Month ACE would like to recognize Carlos Montes for all his hard work and dedication. He never fails to jump in and support any department when…

  8. October

    Francisco Zaragosa

    October Employee of the Month. This month we recognize Francisco Zaragoza (Pancho as we all know him) for his hard work and dedication, always with his positive and “can do”…