ACE purchased Honeywell’s metal forming division, and installed the equipment in our Compton facility. 400 tons of controlled pressure bends 1/2 steel sheet into deep shapes.

A hydraulic press (also known as a Bramah Press) uses hydraulic cylinders to generate compression, or force – a hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever. It works on the principle that pressure within a closed system remains equal throughout. Two connected cylinders, one significantly smaller than the other, are filled with oil which is uncompressable. When the smaller cylinder’s piston presses on the oil, the larger chamber will press down with the same force of pressure, magnified by size. This method provides a very controlled, slow – yet extremely powerful pressing for thicker materials.

Blanks are set upon a stage with the male die residing inside, beneath. The female die is affixed to the top part of the press. As the top presses down upon the base, the collar-shaped stage on the base will be pressed down revealing the male die. The sheet metal will slowly form, folding over the emerging lower male die. This is incredibly efficient, as it minimizes wrinkling, tearing and unintentional thinning of the metal.