MARCH 31, 2017, in The Roosevelt Room at the White House, Washington, DC

At 11 am today in Washington DC, Kellie Johnson, President and CEO of Ace Clearwater, joined eleven other industry leaders – colleagues in manufacturing – with NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons and led the delegation of small and medium-sized manufacturers to the White House – for a roundtable discussion on manufacturing with President Trump and Vice President Pence. At the meeting, the NAM and President Trump announced the NAM’s latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, which demonstrated that a remarkable 93.3% of manufacturers share a positive outlook about their companies and the future of American manufacturing. The survey will also show that, when asked to identify top challenges to their businesses, concerns about the business environment dropped to third place, after having held the number one spot since 2011.

Timmons is quoted as saying, “Across America, manufacturers’ optimism is soaring, in no small part because of President Trump’s laser-like focus…to accelerate a jobs surge in America.” Timmons added, “We are grateful for the chance to meet with the president today. … There is much work to be done, and manufacturers have the solutions on regulatory reform as well as on infrastructure investment, workforce development, bold comprehensive tax reform and a host of other issues.”

The President made the joint announcement with the NAM, and discussed how the reduction of regulations and lowering of taxes will help build momentum being felt across the country, and help the manufacturing community strengthen, grow, increase their contributions to the American economy – and, most importantly, generate more jobs . The list of attendees at this important roundtable included Drew Greenblatt, owner of Marlin Steel Wire Products; Charles Wetherington, president of BTE Technologies Inc.; Matt Barr, chairman and CEO of Carolina Color Corp.; Doug Magyari, CEO of IMMY Inc.; Karen Buchwald Wright, chairman, president and CEO of Ariel Corporation; Patricia Miller, CEO of Matrix 4, Inc.; Julie Copeland, CEO of Arbill; Ed Paradowski, president of Apache Stainless Equipment Corp.; Joe Eddy, president and CEO of Eagle Manufacturing Co.; Tom Riordan, president and CEO of Neenah Enterprises; Steve Staub, president of Staub Manufacturing Solutions; and Kellie Johnson, president and CEO of ACE Clearwater Enterprises.