MFGDAY at ACE, October 5, 2018

ACE hosted yet another successful and very educational MFGDAY. Nearly 2,700 other manufacturers across the country participated! We chose a smaller group this year to fully demonstrate – on our workshop floors – actual projects being metal-formed, welded, trimmed and assembled. Our one-on-one approach really made a huge, lasting impression.

It also gave us an education about what these students were thinking, what they know and are believing. It showed them an exciting and fulfilling career choice, of that in manufacturing. We traveled to all three campuses – Compton, Paramount and Torrance – to demonstrate each of those locations’ specialties. Included on the tour were raw materials, shearing, our die yard, drop hammer shop, fit, trim and deburr departments, precision laser cutting, hydraulic press and hydroforming, FARO arm reverse engineering and 3D modeling software, our CNC row, waterjet, welding demonstrations, our 3D printing lab, quality engineering and final inspection.

We are passionate about our craft and showed them the pride, creativity, and camaraderie we all enjoy in the field of making things. Letting them use a 10-ton drop hammer was COMPLETELY AMAZING.